“Ground Your Warplanes, Save the Horn of Africa”

“Moalim, quoted by the British Telegraph, was not posing as spokesperson to the estimated 11 million people (per United Nations figures) who are currently in dire need of food. About 440,000 of those affected by the world’s “worst humanitarian disaster” dwell in a state of complete despair in Dadaab, a complex of three camps in Kenya. Imagine the fate of those not lucky enough to reach these camps, people who remain chronically lacking in resources, and, in the case of Somalia, trapped in a civil war.

All that Batula Moalim was pleading for was “plastic sheeting for shelter, as well as for food and medicine.”

It is disheartening, to say the least, when such disasters don’t represent an opportunity for political, military or other strategic gains, subsequently, enthusiasm to ‘intervene’ peters out so quickly.”

“Here is another example of the dubious nature of British involvement in the war on Libya (falsely slated as a war to prevent imminent massacres of civilians): “Tornado GR4s cost around £35,000 for every hour they are in the air and are having to fly long distances from their base in Gioia del Colle, southern Italy, to Libya,” according to the Mirror.”

Article by Ramzy Baroud via the Palestine Chronicle; http://palestinechronicle.com/view_article_details.php?id=16996

Even if the priorities of developing countries lie in deposing a ruthless and murderous dictator, their hand in the domestic situation of another country is wholly disheartening when a catastrophic humanitarian disaster is at hand and we do have the power to save many hundreds of thousands from the worst sufferings. Every U.S. drone sent to Somalia to aid rebel fighters is an innumerable amount of dollars that could be put to use for fellow humans in dire need. It seems as if this is the typical situation where Western support and mainstream informing never pans out in the most efficient way necessary. And the results are always stacked against the impoverished and poor countries of the world; those who cannot save themselves. It’s a travesty that only once celebrities start holding televised concerts will the public be fully aware and that recognition will only last about as long as the average American time-span.


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